Something Sweet

Brownie Cake
A deliciously decadent way to end the meal.  Rich chocolate  brownie, laced with Framois and then covered in a delicious chocolate ganache!  Nothing short of heaven for a chocolate lover.    $35.00


Carrot Cake
There is no other like this.  Our carrot cake is a delight with three layers  full of goodness and  iced with a cream cheese frosting.  We use only the best ingredients providing you with a cake friends’ and family will rave about.  $45.00


German Chocolate Cake
My grandmother always said when they say butter in the recipe, use butter!   This cake is moist, flavorful and the classic people talk about.    Three layers iced with a fantastic coconut pecan frosting.  Sure to please your sweet tooth!

9″ 3 layer -$50.00, Serves 8-10

10″ 3 layer – $65.00, Serves 10-16


Italian Cream Cake
Its delicious and a perfect way to end a great meal.  A three layer cake that is almost a confection, it is so rich.

9 ” 3 layer – $47.00, Serves 8-10

10″ 3 layer – $60.00,  Serves 10-16

Oatmeal Chocolate Chip Cookies
Whats better than a fresh Oatmeal cookie?  One that has chocolate chips and walnuts in it of course!    $12.00 per bakers dozen