Mediterranean Appetizers

I had the opportunity during my during my Information Technology career to travel and live internationally.  One of the highlights was to see a friend of mine in Beirut, Lebanon.         I spent 19 days there and many of my hours were in the kitchen with my friends mom, his grandmother (Seti) and they not only opened their home to me but also shared their recipes….all done with love and an incredible passion.     Please look at the selections below and let any of them give you that healthy taste of the Mediterranean!


Stuffed Grape Leaves – a lovely bite of tangy grape leave that is stuffed with spiced meat and rice and cooked till tender.   Sold by the dozen.   $10.00

Cabbage Rolls – cabbage leaves that are filled with a spiced meat and rice mixture and then cooked slowly in a chicken broth and then a bit of lemon prior to serving.     Sold by the dozen.    $15.00

Tabouli – a fresh salad made with parsley, tomato, green onion, mint(optional) and bulgur wheat.     The dressing is a combination of lemon juice, salt, pepper and olive oil.      Sold by the quart – $14.00

Humms bi Tahini – Pureed chickpeas with garlic, lemon juice, salt and tahini paste.    A great dip with vegetables and pita bread.     Also great as a spread on sandwiches.       Sold by the pint – $5.95

Baba Ganouj – Roasted eggplant that has been pureed with garlic, lemon, salt and tahini paste.    Sold by the pint – $7.95

Spanakopita (Spinach Pies) – Layers and layers of phyllo dough and butter then a mix of fresh spinach, onion, lemon, spices, feta and ricotta.   Baked to a golden brown.   Sold by the dozen – $14,95